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Buenos Aires: Seat of the Executive Secretariat of the Waterway

09 June 2018
Información para la Prensa N°: 

Following Bolivia's accession to the Headquarters Agreement for the Executive Secretariat of the Intergovernmental Committee of the Paraguay-Paraná Waterway on Saturday 9 June, the City of Buenos Aires has been elected as the permanent seat of this body.

On the same occasion, Bolivia also signed the indefinite renewal of the River Transport Agreement for the Waterway, thus affording continuity and legal predictability to the Treaty, which are key factors for attracting investment in the river transport sector and in regional integration, for the benefit of the five countries that are part of the Waterway: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

This marks the successful end of a 26-year-long process aimed at strengthening the institutions of the Waterway system, which is a 3,500-km real river "highway" that offers a highly efficient and competitive alternative means of transport. The Waterway is key to enhancing national and regional transport, thus reducing freight costs, boosting the value of our exports and preserving the environment.



Press release No. 246/18