Mission statement

The MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND WORSHIP has the function of assisting the Argentine President and the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers, within the scope of its jurisdiction, in connection with all matters related to the foreign affairs of the
Argentine Republic and its representation to foreign governments, the HOLY SEE and international organizations, as well as the following specific functions:

1. Establishing the goals and policies of its area
of competence.

2. Implementing the plans, programmes and projects within its area of competence
that are designed on the basis of the instructions provided by the ARGENTINE EXECUTIVE BRANCH.

3. Taking part, from a foreign policy perspective, in all international meetings, congresses and conferences, as well as in special missions before foreign governments and international organizations and entities, including participation in all relevant instructions and their implementation.

4. Dealing with relations with foreign diplomatic and consular corps, as well as with the representatives of governments, organizations and intergovernmental entities in the Argentine Republic.

5. Taking part, from a foreign policy perspective, in the preparation, registration and interpretation of treaties, pacts, covenants, protocols, agreements, arrangements and all other types of international instruments, at all stages of negotiation, adoption, adhesion, accession, and denouncement.

6. Participating, from a foreign policy perspective, in all matters related to the activities of the special missions sent to the Argentine Republic by foreign governments or international organizations or entities.

7. Protecting and assisting citizens, as well as serving the interests of Argentines abroad, strengthening their ties with the Argentine Republic.

8. Participating, within its area of competence, in the decisions on the use of armed forces and in issues relating to the state of war and the declaration of war, the resolution of international disputes, peace adjustments, the implementation of sanctions decided upon by competent international organizations, as well as other acts provided for by international law.

9. Taking part in policies related to peacekeeping operations within the framework of international organizations and resulting from the bilateral commitments assumed by the Argentine Republic.

10. Participating in international disarmament, security and anti-terrorism policies.

11. Dealing with the introduction and passage of foreign troops through the territory of the Argentine Republic, as well as the deployment of national troops, without prejudice to the powers of the MINISTRY OF DEFENCE.

12. Participating, from a foreign policy perspective, in matters related to the non-proliferation of sensitive technologies related to weapons of mass destruction, as well as in the control of sensitive exports and military material.

13. Taking part, from a foreign policy perspective, in the proceedings related to treaties on arrangements relative to international borders, as well as in the registration and publication of the official maps of the borders of the Argentine Republic.

14. Participating in the formal procedures related to letters rogatory, extradition requests and all matters related to international legal assistance.

15. Involvement in the process related to the granting of the right of asylum and of refugee status.

16. Promoting and advancing the image of the Argentine Republic abroad, through prior coordination with the relevant agencies.

17. Dealing with international political and economic affairs, including the design and management of the integration processes in which Argentina is involved, as well as the establishment and management of any supranational organizations resulting from such processes, including all aspects of their future convergence with other integration processes, without prejudice to the participation of other bodies with competence in the field.

18. Participating, from a foreign policy perspective and in coordination with national provincial and regional liaison bodies, in the development of physical integration processes with bordering countries.

19. Participating in national foreign trade policy, including international business promotion and negotiations, as well as the management of the foreign trade service.

20. Conducting, from a foreign policy perspective, bilateral economic negotiations with the countries with which the Argentine Republic has relations, as well as multilateral economic negotiations through international, regional and sub-regional economic organizations.

21. Promoting, organizing and participating in official and private exhibitions, fairs, contests, shows and missions of economic importance that are held abroad, in line with established global and sectoral economic policy guidelines.

22. Participating in and establishing policies and actions for international humanitarian aid, emergency aid and rehabilitation for development at international level, as well as their implementation, financing and application, in coordination with the relevant bodies of the United Nations and other international organizations.

23. Participating in all aspects of permanent or temporary representations of the Argentine Republic abroad.

24. Organizing the Argentine Foreign Service and the admission, training, fostering and proposals for promotion of its members submitted to the Argentine Congress.

25. Certifying documents from abroad and for submission abroad.

26. Publishing the official version of treaties and other international agreements entered into by the Argentine Republic.

27. Negotiating, from a foreign policy perspective, international cooperation in the educational, cultural, environmental, economic, social, scientific, technical, technological, nuclear, space, labour and legal fields, in coordination with the relevant ministries and all other national organizations with competence in these fields.

28. Designing and implementing, from a foreign policy perspective, emigration and immigration policies at the international level, as well as policies on nationality, rights and obligations of foreigners and their assimilation and integration into Argentine society.

29. Taking part in international negotiations and, from a foreign affairs perspective, in the design and implementation of policies on environmental protection and the preservation of the land and maritime territory of the Argentine Republic, as well as their surrounding areas and airspace.

30. Participating, from a foreign policy perspective, in all matters relating to the prevention and sanctioning of international crimes.

31. Taking part in international negotiations and in the design of policies aimed at bilateral and multilateral international cooperation agreements on the fight against the illicit trafficking of drugs and psychotropic substances.

32. Recognizing States, Governments and international situations.

33. Applying international humanitarian law in cooperation with specialized UN bodies and the International Committee of the Red Cross, as well as designing and implementing the international "White Helmets" programme.

34. Participating in the design of policies, plans and programmes, as well as representing the Argentine Government before international organizations, in matters relating to human rights and to the situation of women, contributing to the reform of national legislation in these fields.

35. Participating in all acts of the ARGENTINE EXECUTIVE that are linked with the foreign policy of Argentina or with the commitments assumed by the country.

36. Planning and managing national policy on the Antarctic, jointly with the MINISTRY OF DEFENCE, as well as implementing international commitments and participating in the conduct of Antarctic activities.

37. Participating in relations between the Government and the Roman Catholic Church and the centralization of requests made to public authorities by the Church, its representatives or entities; as well as in the steps related to the granting of ecclesiastical credentials.

38. Participating in relations with all religious organizations present in the country, in order to ensure freedom of religion and the registration of all denominations.

39. Taking part in the design of policies for the development of border areas and zones and, within its area of competence, in their implementation.

40. Taking part in the policy for the development of productive foreign investment in Argentina, as well as in the policy for the internationalization of Argentine companies around the world.